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  We are able to offer troubleshooting, repair, installation, and driver updates on the following Ajump computers, laptops, notebooks, tablets and servers:

NBP1200MT NBP1250 Micro Tower Prive 1000M
Prive 336i NBP2100 Mini Tower Prive 336i
Shuttle XPC SS30G2 Prive Mini VSP13 Prive 670b
Shuttle SD39P2 R2HV-A1 Prive 670i
Shuttle SN27P2 G2P-7R009C Prive 690a
Shuttle SK22G2BK V2 R1F-K018T Prive 750a
Shuttle SD39P2 Asus P Series P5945G Prive AVS
ASUS A7C-7S005C Asus Pundit P1-AH2 Prive E350-a
ASUS A8Jm-H019H Asus Pundit P3-PH5 Prive E350-i
ASUS A8JR-4P021C Asus T2-PH2 Prive VP
ASUS A8JS-4S024C Asus T3-M2NC51PV Prive 535b
ASUS A8JS-4S050E Asus T3-P5G965 Prive AVS 690
ASUS F3E-A1 Vista Asus F3JP-AS096C Prive Mini SD37P2 V2
ASUS F3F-AP112C Asus F3SC-A1 Vista The Prive SS31T
ASUS F3JC-AP141C Asus F3SV-A1 Vista Ensemble

F3SV-B1 W2PB-7K003C Magic Winmail SOHO
F3T-AP055C W2PB-7M005C Email Server Appliance
F5R-A1 Vista W5FE-A1 Vista AMAX Departmental
F9J-A1 W5FM-2P021C Supermicro 5035G-T
G1-AK024C W5FM-2P052C Supermicro 5025M-4
G1S-A1 W7J-3P115C Supermicro 5015P-TR
R1F-K018E Z35F Centrino Duo Napa SATA Departmental
R1F-K018T XP Z35FM Napa Refreash Server
R1F-K049E Z62Fm Core 2 Duo SATA SCSI Server
R2H-BH059T Z62J Centrino SCSI Departmental
R2H-BH059T-3 Ultra Z62JM Core 2 Prive 675
R2HV-A1 Ultra Z84Fm Core 2 Graphic Workstations
S6FM-1P055C Z84JP Storage Systems
U1F-1P016E Z96JP  
V1JP-AK023E Z96Fm  
V2JE-4S023E Z96Jm  

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