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Networking Services

Our services are provided by technicians with industry proven experience. We provide a solution that is custom tailored to your business. Our technicians can install a wireless or wired network in your home or office anywhere in the continental United States. Ask about our networked management services where we provide onsite backup, security, user admin issues, spam blocker, application upgrades, onsite technical support and repair. 3 Geeks and a Mouse offers these services on an monthly contract basis, bid and/or by the hour.

3 Geeks and a Mouse is a consulting firm specializing in the integration of technology into your company or home. Our services range technical support to complete systems design. Our computer consulting services are available for projects throughout the United States. We view system design as crucial to an effective network system. The constantly changing and increasingly complex technology industry offers a multitude of solutions. Only precisely assembled networks can provide optimal performance while preventing costly down time. We focus on finding the most cost effective method to applying the correct technology toward solving your technology needs.

Our staff has particular expertise in the areas of wireless networks and computer security. We are ready to assist you in a wide variety of IT related projects including network design, server configuration, desktop rollout, and security analysis.

Some of the services we offer:

Network Design & Site Layout
DSL and Cable Modems
Router Installation
Ethernet Switches and Hubs
Topology Design
Network Protocol Architectures
Home Office Networks
RAID Arrays Drives
IP Addresses & Subnet's
Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Data Recovery and Security
Back up Tapes
Log Files
VPN (Virtual private network)
Raid 0
Raid 1
Raid 2
Raid 3
Raid 4
Raid 5
Blade Server

Peer to Peer
Token Ring Network
Kiosk Installation
SQL Server
Windows NT Server
Windows 2000 Server
Windows 2003 Server
Exchange Server
DNS Server
Server Repair
Virtual Server
Proxy Server
Mail Server
Ping Commands
Admin Password
IP Address
DAT Tape Drive
FTTH (Fiber to the home)
Rack Server


Our national network of IT technicians and engineers can effectively deploy a national rollout or service a distant office.
3 Geeks and a Mouse's National Account Manager is here to assist you! We will provide you with the best technicians for your problem and enable you to limit your number of contacts to one. We can help you effectively control costs, timing and quality of your deployment in one office or nationwide.
How may we assist you?

1 3 Geeks and a Mouse eliminates the frustration out of home computer repair. No more unplugging everything and trying to remember which wire goes where. We come to you. On your schedule.
Many of our technicians and engineers have certifications such as MCSE, MCP, CCNA, and A+.
Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal. Let us earn your business and trust.
1 Whether your an Fortune 500 company, a small business owner or you have a home office, 3 Geeks and a Mouse has the right solution for you. Call the professionals at 3 Geeks and a Mouse to keep your server, network and computers running at their optimal speed, leaving you to running your business, not an IT department. Our service manager will send the best qualified technician for the job. Many of our technicians and engineers have certifications such as MCSE, MCP, CCNA and A+. Let us earn your business.
Alabama ( AL ) Computer Repair Louisiana ( LA ) Computer Repair Ohio ( OH ) Computer Repair
Arizona ( AZ ) Computer Repair Maine ( ME ) Computer Repair Oklahoma ( OK ) Computer Repair
Arkansas (AR ) Computer Repair Maryland ( MD ) Computer Repair Oregon ( OR ) Computer Repair
California ( CA ) Computer Repair Massachusetts ( MA ) Computer Repair Pennsylvania ( PA ) Computer Repair
Colorado (CO ) Computer Repair Michigan ( MI ) Computer Repair Rhode Island ( RI ) Computer Repair
Connecticut ( CT ) Computer Repair Minnesota ( MN ) Computer Repair South Carolina ( SC ) Computer Repair
Delaware ( DE ) Computer Repair Mississippi ( MS ) Computer Repair South Dakota ( SD ) Computer Repair
District of Columbia ( DC ) Computer Repair Missouri ( MO ) Computer Repair Tennessee ( TN ) Computer Repair
Florida ( FL ) Computer Repair Montana ( MT ) Computer Repair Texas ( TX ) Computer Repair
Georgia ( GA ) Computer Repair Nebraska ( NE ) Computer Repair Utah ( UT ) Computer Repair
Hawaii ( HI ) Computer Repair Nevada ( NV ) Computer Repair Vermont ( VT ) Computer Repair
Idaho ( ID) Computer Repair New Hampshire ( NH ) Computer Repair Virginia ( VA ) Computer Repair
Illinois ( IL ) Computer Repair New Jersey ( NJ ) Computer Repair Washington ( WA ) Computer Repair
Indiana ( IN ) Computer Repair New Mexico ( NM ) Computer Repair Washington ( DC ) Computer Repair
Iowa ( IA ) Computer Repair New York ( NY ) Computer Repair West Virginia ( WV ) Computer Repair
Kansas ( KS ) Computer Repair North Carolina ( NC ) Computer Repair Wisconsin ( WI ) Computer Repair
Kentucky ( KY ) Computer Repair North Dakota ( ND ) Computer Repair Wyoming ( WY ) Computer Repair