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Our national network of IT technicians and engineers can effectively deploy a national rollout or service a distant office.
3 Geeks and a Mouse's National Account Manager is here to assist you! We will provide you with the best technicians for your problem and enable you to limit your number of contacts to one. We can help you effectively control costs, timing and quality of your deployment in one office or nationwide.
How may we assist you?

1 3 Geeks and a Mouse eliminates the frustration out of home computer repair. No more unplugging everything and trying to remember which wire goes where. We come to you. On your schedule.
Many of our technicians and engineers have certifications such as MCSE, MCP, CCNA, and A+.
Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal. Let us earn your business and trust.
1 Whether your an Fortune 500 company, a small business owner or you have a home office, 3 Geeks and a Mouse has the right solution for you. Call the professionals at 3 Geeks and a Mouse to keep your server, network and computers running at their optimal speed, leaving you to running your business, not an IT department. Our service manager will send the best qualified technician for the job. Many of our technicians and engineers have certifications such as MCSE, MCP, CCNA and A+. Let us earn your business.
Alabama ( AL ) Computer Repair Louisiana ( LA ) Computer Repair Ohio ( OH ) Computer Repair
Arizona ( AZ ) Computer Repair Maine ( ME ) Computer Repair Oklahoma ( OK ) Computer Repair
Arkansas (AR ) Computer Repair Maryland ( MD ) Computer Repair Oregon ( OR ) Computer Repair
California ( CA ) Computer Repair Massachusetts ( MA ) Computer Repair Pennsylvania ( PA ) Computer Repair
Colorado (CO ) Computer Repair Michigan ( MI ) Computer Repair Rhode Island ( RI ) Computer Repair
Connecticut ( CT ) Computer Repair Minnesota ( MN ) Computer Repair South Carolina ( SC ) Computer Repair
Delaware ( DE ) Computer Repair Mississippi ( MS ) Computer Repair South Dakota ( SD ) Computer Repair
District of Columbia ( DC ) Computer Repair Missouri ( MO ) Computer Repair Tennessee ( TN ) Computer Repair
Florida ( FL ) Computer Repair Montana ( MT ) Computer Repair Texas ( TX ) Computer Repair
Georgia ( GA ) Computer Repair Nebraska ( NE ) Computer Repair Utah ( UT ) Computer Repair
Hawaii ( HI ) Computer Repair Nevada ( NV ) Computer Repair Vermont ( VT ) Computer Repair
Idaho ( ID) Computer Repair New Hampshire ( NH ) Computer Repair Virginia ( VA ) Computer Repair
Illinois ( IL ) Computer Repair New Jersey ( NJ ) Computer Repair Washington ( WA ) Computer Repair
Indiana ( IN ) Computer Repair New Mexico ( NM ) Computer Repair Washington ( DC ) Computer Repair
Iowa ( IA ) Computer Repair New York ( NY ) Computer Repair West Virginia ( WV ) Computer Repair
Kansas ( KS ) Computer Repair North Carolina ( NC ) Computer Repair Wisconsin ( WI ) Computer Repair
Kentucky ( KY ) Computer Repair North Dakota ( ND ) Computer Repair Wyoming ( WY ) Computer Repair